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We believe your space should be a truly special and comfortable atmosphere. Veilish is the fully customizable & printable fabric that allows you to create your own unique place of peace and privacy. Bring personality to your environment and allow creativity to flourish in the place where you are most relaxed.




Excellent for Privacy

Veilish is a semi-transparent polyester fabric used to cover a variety of surfaces from glass to metal. It can be custom cut to fit any size or shape and is removable and reusable and provides indoor privacy without blocking outdoor scenery.

Veilish is Eco-Friendly

Not only is Veilish reusable without leaving residue, it cuts down on harmful infrared rays by 25-35% and maintains cooler room temperatures, cutting down on energy expenses while allowing a clean and finished look.

Great for Decorating

Veilish is easy to install and remove and leaves no residue! With its ability to be cut and printed on it is a great way to customize an office, room and even storefront while being multi-functional at the same time!

Amazing Marketing Opportunities

Veilish creates amazing marketing opportunities. Create unique messaging and designs with an eco-friendly and easy to use material. Stand out from the crowd while cutting down on energy expenses!

  • High end alternative to other window films
  • Officially certified for HP Latex inks
  • Fade resistant

Complete Design Creativity

Veilish’s unique properties allows for complete creativity. Show your personality by printing and cutting Veilish however you like. Create interesting and atmospheric scenery at home or office while saving on energy costs!

  • Add your own custom artwork
  • Print and even draw on Veilish
  • Comes in 3 varieties each with their own level of tint

The Exclusive Distributor of Veilish in the US

Better Quality Product, Faster to Install, and More Economical than anything similar

Ensure privacy
Reflects sunlight
Moisture resistance
No suspension system
Easy installation
Suits any shape
Compatible with HR++ glass
Textile texture
UV printable
Solvent printable
Latex printable
  $ $$ $$$

Privacy Made Printable

Discover the ease of use and versatility of the top nature-friendly reusable window film on the market
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