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The Numbers Plus LTD / dba Infinity Media Company story begins with the innovative ideas of our founder Russell Nicoletti. Russ had worked in the print industry for decades, and he could see that something was lacking: Service. Back in Russ’ time, printing was a cut and dry industry with little care for customer satisfaction. This is what he set out to change. It takes a certain courage to try and revolutionize an industry, but that’s just what he set out to do.

The Founding

In 2005, Infinity Media opened its doors based on a single principle: to provide world-class customer service. Russ had just transitioned from Printing Press & equipment sales and now he was on a new journey. The company consisted of one specialty media product which was Phototex. The company soon had its first big break when he sought out a new distributor network to market his products.

In 2017,  Infinity Media embodying a new direction and vision for the company took on its second specialty graphic media called GlassApeel. With Russ’ unique ability to enhance a product, GlassApeel soon became an industry leader as an innovative product where the old cling technology was replaced with a new Micro-Suction technology.

Continued Growth

By 2018, the growth of Infinity Media was even more apparent with the explosion of the floor decal market. It was an exciting time, and Russ capitalized on it bringing FloorAppeal to fruition. FloorAppeal was a new and exciting product which utilized print, cut and stick technology. This new material was created to compete with the old technology of print, then laminate and cut which was an old three step process.

The expanding demands on the business led the company to move once more to a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Countryside, IL. What began as a dream cobbled together with the help of friends and determination, has evolved into the #1 Boutique Specialty Graphic Material Distributor in the USA.

In July 2020 Veilish was born. Soon to be a household solution for windows, Veilish is privacy made printable. It is a 100% Polyester self-adhesive fabric for your home or office. It provides privacy without blocking outdoor scenery. Veilish is printable and also cuts down on harmful infrared rays by 25-35%. Veilish is made in three different colors, White, Rose Grey & Black. Veilish is easy for everyone to install.

Looking Ahead

With all the changes Infinity Media has felt with its growth, one factor has always remained the same. The guiding principle of providing the best customer service. Infinity Media started out as a vision and a dream and with our personal connection it has shown in the company’s growth. We value our clients’ satisfaction so highly we are in personal communication on a daily basis. It’s by having this human element that Infinity Media can bring order to the chaos of the printing industry and specialty graphic media sales. Whether it’s with new technologies, customer satisfaction, or innovation, Infinity Media will always strive to go beyond.

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